ComMicro installs networking systems designed to meet our client's specifications. Every company has distinct requirements and techniques to execute their day to day operation. Choosing the appropriate network, be it one or fifty stations, for your office environment is very important. We ask many questions enabling us to thoroughly comprehend your individual necessities. Based upon this comprehension, we will recommend the network most suitable to your needs.

We cover all the bases leading to the successful implementation of your network.

We welcome your questions and input at all times.

  • During the discussion stage.
  • During the installation of the network.
  • Or six months from now when you are a veteran with your system.

During the design of the network we consult with you about future expansion plans. As your business grows your network can grow with you. Our service includes complete site implementation (including cabling and hardware) and does not stop with the installation of your network. We backup every installation with SUPPORT, TRAINING AND SERVICE.

We, at ComMicro, take great pride in our work and business. If you feel that you need references from companies we are working with, we will be happy to make them available to you.