WP Package

This system has been specifically designed to run on 32 bit windows-based operating systems. The package is a complete payroll solution handling virtually any payroll requirement. Based on the extremely successful Win-based ComMicro software package.

WP Package III

The ComMicro Payroll Package is a complete system that can handle virtually any payroll requirement. With hundreds of features and a large install base this is one of the leading payrolls in Canada. Whether it's a multi-union shop, an employment agency, a large manufacturer or a small business, our Payroll System will handle all your needs. Customization of the Software on an individual basis is also available.

Temporary Help System

This package is a complete temporary help solution, handling virtually any temporary help requirement. Based on our dynamic WtP software package, this system is a leading component in the Temporary Help market. This temporary help system is manufactured by Canadians for Canadians.

WTE file system

Magnetic media transmittal is a way of a filing government forms such as T4's, T4A's, NR4's, etc. using computer-generated diskettes, tapes or cartridges, thus saving time, paper and money. Our WTE file system has been specifically designed to generate magnetic media transmittal in an easy, expeditious manner.

Media Time

Media Time is an exceptional application for businesses in many different fields. This program blends graphics & audio to make an outstanding automated presentation device. Currently, it is used mainly in schools, but is also ideal for hotels & similar businesses.