WTE file system

Magnetic media transmittal is a way of filing government forms such as T4's,T4A's, NR4's, etc. using computer-generated diskettes, tapes or cartridges, thus saving time, paper and money. Our WTE file system has been specifically designed to generate magnetic media transmittal in an easy, expeditious manner.

Here are just a few of the many features included within our WTE file system:

General Highlights:

  • Ability to import Employee Tax Information directly from ComMicro's WP system
  • Ability to input Employee Tax Information
  • Error-free data capture
  • Reduced costs for:
    • Handling
    • Printing
    • Postage

Notes from Revenue Canada:

  • The new section 205.1 of the Income Tax Regulations requires any company/person filing a 1999 information return in the Year 2000, to file in an electronic format if they are filing more than 500 slips
  • For security reasons, Revenue Canada will not accept information returns transmitted on the Internet
  • The only kinds of media that Revenue Canada will accept are:
    • 3.5 Inch Diskettes
    • 9-Track Tapes - 1,600 and 6,250 BPI tape reels
    • 18-Track Tapes - 38,000 BPI cartridge reels
    • 36-Track Cartridges - 38,000 BPI cartridge reels
  • Revenue Canada does not have the equipment required to read 4mm/8mm tapes or CD ROMS