WinPayroll Package

This system has been specifically designed to run on 32 bit windows-based operating systems. The package is a complete payroll solution handling virtually any payroll requirement. Based on the extremely successful Win-based ComMicro software package, this system is an exciting component in the windows based payroll market.

Here are just a few of the many features included within our dynamic system:

General Highlights:

  • Unlimited number of user-defined income, deduction and benefit classifications. The user has complete control over the affect these codes have on Federal tax, CPP, E.I., QPP, EHT, WCB, vacation pay and union dues calculations.
  • Ability to process an unlimited number of companies (useful for multi-company organizations).
  • The system allows for the setup of multiple payrolls using a multitude of different pay frequencies. (Plant payrolls on a weekly basis, office payrolls bi-weekly etc.).
  • Payroll frequencies included are Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly, Thirteen Pay Periods, Ten Monthly Pay Periods and Commissions.
  • Employee payment via user-defined pay cheque or direct deposit to a number of financial institutions.
  • Can enter and print a manually prepared cheque.
  • Payroll adjustments to YTD are tracked in detail.
  • Prints T4's, T4A's, Record of Employment, Releve 1, Current and YTD pay registers
  • Inquiry features by means of employee, department and labour distribution.
  • Complete set of Payroll Reports is selectable by employee name, employee # or department sequence.
  • Extensive online help feature for all screens and input fields.
  • Full Network Compatibility.


  • Customization of our payroll system is available, by quotation, on an individual basis, to meet our customer's specific needs.

Employee Information:

  • Tracks a detailed employee pay history by pay period.
  • Complete employee information is maintained and reported
  • Complete telephone information such as home, work, fax, and cellular information
  • Emergency contact information is retained for each employee.
  • Ability to maintain notes on each employee.
  • Name, address, phone number, detailed employee history reports and address labels are available upon demand.
  • Next review date information is retained for each employee.
  • Automatic calculation of rate of pay, based on various salary frequencies (Hourly, Weekly, Monthly, Annual).


  • May be customized for each company (If company never pays overtime, for instance, the overtime code will never be shown on timesheet entry).
  • Ability to save previous payroll and make any changes necessary for the current payroll.
  • Ability to edit time sheets and input temporary changes to deductions.

Vacation Pay:

  • Four methods of Vacation Pay calculations (paid on each pay, accrued for later payment, amount entered by user, or paid to a union).
  • Accrued vacation pay liability report.


  • Twelve methods of calculating deductions.
  • User defined deductions can be taken on a specific payroll run or on every pay.
  • May be assigned a maximum per period or per annum amount.
  • Ability to enter a temporary one-time deduction.

Tax Calculations:

  • Calculations performed for all provinces and territories including employees employed outside of Canada in accordance with Revenue Canada requirements.
  • Ability to exempt employees from the calculation.
  • Extra income tax may be processed for employee's who request it.

Employment Insurance:

  • Automatic calculation of employee and employer remittances in accordance with RevCan requirements of insurable hours and amounts.
  • Ability to exempt employees from the calculation.
  • Automatic cut-off when the maximum is reached.

Canada Pension Plan / Quebec Pension Plan:

  • Automatic calculation of employee and employer remittances.
  • Ability to exempt employees from the calculation.
  • Automatic cut-off when the maximum is reached.


  • Ability to handle multiple unions with various reporting requirements.

Workman's Compensation Board:

  • Ability to set up various rates for WCB calculations. WCB premium calculations and maximums are calculated for each province, if required.
  • Remittance report by province that may be submitted along with WCB premium remittance.
  • Ability to exempt employees from WCB calculations.

Departmental & Labour Distribution Analysis:

  • Departmental analysis on current, monthly, or YTD amounts.
  • Includes full labour distribution tracking hours and amounts by job number and phase.
  • Department and job costing overrides are permitted on each timesheet, income, or deduction entry (when specified by the payroll administrator).

Security Features:

  • User ID and password protection.
  • Ability to secure any payroll or company to a specified user.
  • Ability to restrict users to certain payroll functions.
  • Company setup information is restricted to authorized users.

"WtP" Upgrades:

  • Direct Deposit Module - Creates a transfer file for the financial institution of your choice.
  • General Ledger Interface - Creates a file to import payroll data into various GL packages.
  • Point to Point Data Entry - In-depth transportation module.
  • Remote Data Input - Offsite payroll entry.
  • Time Clock Import - Imports time clock files.
  • Union Module - Extensive Union capabilities encompassing defined local/trade/dues/pay rates/etc.