WinPayroll Package III

ComMicro's Win Payroll Package is a complete system that can handle virtually any payroll requirement. With hundreds of features and a large install base this is one of the leading payrolls in Canada. Whether it's a multi-union shop, an employment agency, a large manufacturer or a small business, Our Payroll System will handle all of your needs. Customization of the Software, on an individual basis, is available. Take a look at just a few of the many features included within our 3.00 system:

Key Benefits:

  • User Friendly - Menu Driven System.
  • On line help windows walk you through the system with ease.
  • System Support Hotline Providing Immediate Support.
  • Handles Multiple Companies with Multiple Payrolls.
  • Salaried, Hourly and Commission Employees on same payroll.
  • Handles any pay frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Six ways to calculate vacation pay.
  • Sixteen user defined deduction codes. Ten Ways to Calculate Deductions.
  • Departmental Analysis Reports (Current, Monthly and Y.T.D.).
  • Labour Distribution Reports (Current, Monthly and Y.T.D.).
  • Prints T4's and E.I. Seperation Slips.
  • Retains Employee History.
  • Prints Cheques and Cheque Registers.
  • Ability to Custom Design Cheques and Bank Deposit Stubs.
  • Bank Deposit Features, Direct Deposit to Chartered Banks Available.
  • Revenue Canada / E.H.T. Remmitance Report.
  • Handles Multiple Unions.
  • Handles Taxable and Non Taxable Benefits.
  • Pop up Window Displaying All Employee's on File.
  • Ability To Define Multiple Printers.
  • Tag File To Hold Human Resource Information.
  • Exports Files To Lotus, DBase or Win.
  • User Defined Time Sheet Input.
  • Exports Files for Integration to a General Ledger System.
  • Cheque Reconciliation.
  • Overtime Rates for Salaried Employee's.

This is an actual live system but it will only handle 5 Employees. The file is a self-extracting EXE File. Just type 300DEMO and the file will inflate all the neccessary programs. You may put in a ? at any prompt for a detailed help message. A sample company (Company Code ZZ) has already been set up for you, or you may set up your own company.